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Studio Wildcard announces pirate MMO ATLAS for PC, Xbox One


Studio Wildcard announces pirate MMO ATLAS for PC, Xbox One

Due out for PC on December 13.

ARK: Survival Advanced developer Studio Wildcard introduced ATLAS, a massively multiplayer first-person pirate journey for PC and Xbox One. The PC model will launch on December 13, with an Xbox Recreation Preview model due out in 2019.

Right here is an summary of the sport, by way of its Steam web page:


From the creators of ARK: Survival Advanced comes ATLAS – a massively multiplayer first-and-third-person fantasy pirate journey. ATLAS will host as much as 40,000 gamers exploring the identical Globe concurrently, with an unprecedented scale of cooperation and battle! Stake your declare on this countless open world as you conquer territory, assemble ships, search for buried treasure, assemble forts, plunder settlements and rent crew to hitch your highly effective rising armada. Begin small then increase your spheres of affect from a small island, as much as an unstoppable pirate empire that spans throughout the oceans. Wage battle towards enemy fleets as you singlehandedly can command giant ships of conflict utilizing the captaining system (or divide as much as the obligations amongst your trusted lieutenants), or take management of any weapon immediately with your personal character. Dive deep into the briny water to discover everlasting sunken wrecks and get well salvage, unearth the loot from procedurally-generated Treasure Maps and problem zones, or full difficult fundamental questlines. Group up with different aspiring adventurers and sail into the huge ocean to find new lands wealthy with region-specific parts, tame unique pure and legendary creatures, raid forgotten tombs, confront highly effective historic gods and even construct and administer your personal colonies, cities, and civilizations to dominate the ATLAS on this final quest for fortune and glory!

Key Options

  • MMO On the Grandest Scale – Bodily sail in real-time throughout all through the huge oceans with the proprietary server community know-how. Explorers will voyage to over 700 distinctive landmasses with hundreds of Discovery Zones, and ten distinct areas every having their very own distinctive assets, creatures, secrets and techniques, and surroundings hazards!
  • Assemble the Ship of Your Goals, Plank by Plank! – Construct drydocks and begin with a dinghy rowboat, primary raft, tiny sloop or nimble schooner, shifting on as much as your personal versatile brigantine or titanic galleon able to transporting tons of of crew and in depth cargo. Identify your ship in huge daring letters, paint and replica your personal pirate flag and custom-place all of the items of your ship — which sails and the place, planks and gunports, each single construction piece has a bodily Weight and Materials — to perform precisely the way you need.
  • Captain your Crew! – Recruit actual gamers and AI crew from freeports or rescue seasoned crew from destroyed “Army of the Damned” shipwrecks to man distinct stations in your boat! Set sail and discover the ATLAS with them to realize expertise and degree up their stats or gear, in addition to levelling your Ship. Your crew are versatile! Whether or not on land, or ship, and even driving behind your animal companions on emplacements, they will man weapons of all types– cannons, swivel weapons, siege engines, turrets, and even gigantic mortars, many with dynamically swappable ammo varieties together with grapeshot, chainshot, spikeshot, liquid hearth, and extra! Instruct them to board enemy ships and make it easier to conquer the seas! Maintain their stomachs full and their pockets filled with gold lest you need a mutiny in your arms! Tackle the Captain’s Wheel or divide up the command obligations by way of Lieutenant Podiums to direct the Ship’s assignable weapon methods, sails, and stations, together with standing-orders or guide grouped hearth. Or, stroll as much as any station and take management of it your self!
  • Pirate PVP to the Restrict – Every part is up for grabs together with participant’s ships, their crew, their pets, their forts, their land, and their booty. If you will get your palms on it, you possibly can take it. A ship’s everlasting logbook tells the story of their legendary journey, exploits and possession.
  • Be the Hero or Villain you have been meant to be – MMO-scale character development methods embrace, at launch, over 15 Disciplines with over 300 Expertise, in an enormous unlockable tree. New “Feat” system permits for lively and passive bindable character talents, whereas new stat-buff system permits innumerable summary statistics to be modified by Expertise, Gadgets, and Armor. And now, every little thing has scalable stats, together with buildings, and could be progressively Upgraded!
  • That is Who You Are – In depth character visible customization allows an infinite vary of reasonable (and not-so-realistic) characters, with an enormous array of sliders, morphs, muscle tones, and tweakable values. You’ll be able to even per-pixel design your personal everlasting tattoos (after which draw warpaint on prime of that too!). If somebody exists in the actual world, they need to be creatable in ATLAS! Greatest-in-class dynamic hair progress and real-time ageing methods help you get previous and… move in your legacy? (Or discover a fountain of youth!).
  • Infinite Journey – Full Quest and Waypoint techniques, with sub-quests and rewards, for main objectives — whereas procedural treasure maps and problem zones additionally guarantee there’s all the time one thing new to seek out out over the horizon.
  • Intense Motion – Tactical melee fight methods with blocks, parries, dodges, character movement, optionally available shields, beautiful and strength-varying strikes, directional assaults, and extra for use in both first or third individual views. Fists, swords, maces, blackjacks, daggers, and far more offer you super choices to select the proper weapon for the job. In the meantime, interval period-appropriate-weaponry with skill-based lively reload methods embrace flintlock pistols, muskets, blunderbuss, and extra — simply make sure you hold your powder dry!
  • Declare What’s Yours – Type an organization, declare territory and apply taxation and conduct guidelines to that which you personal: be a benevolent governor, a feudal lord, or a ruthless dictator. Territory possession is visualized in your dynamic zoomable World Map, with Fog of Struggle obscuring uncharted areas and Shroud of Struggle hiding enemy territories out of sight vary. Contest different authorities’s possession of land, buildings, or ships to increase your empire! The highest large-scale Spheres of Affect on the Official ATLAS‘ are visualized in real-time on the website. Design your own custom flag per-pixel to apply to your claims, to be famous (or infamous)!
  • Creatures Great and Small – More than 50 creatures at launch varying from breedable utilitarian farm animals & shoulder mounted parrots and monkeys that offer unique buffs, all the way to magical mermaids and gigantic sea monsters of legend. Creatures can be found in their logical regions, but take skill and tactics to tame using new mechanics, while also gaining the most benefit and fertility from their natural biomes. Ferry these temperamental creatures across the vast oceans in a virtual Noah’s Ark to commerce in unique locales.
  • Freeports to Meet & Greet – Degree-capped starter zones help you study the ropes and meet new gamers in a protected area earlier than you enterprise out into the good unknown. The place the wind and future takes you past that, is as much as the gods!
  • Construct Your Empire – Overhauled constructing techniques embrace automated foundational elevation adjustment, dynamic tile sort swapping, improved snap detection & previewing, built-in plumbing techniques, per-pixel-paintable every little thing, beast-of-burden harness attachments for field-gun and carriages, and rather more! Survival methods newly embrace, amongst different features, Nutritional vitamins advantages and deficiencies, with recipe & cooking expertise and ranging ingredient qualities.
  • Highly effective Mod and Server Functionalities – Need to construct a World Conflict II Spitfire? Or a Flying Fortress bomber with absolutely walkable inside and gun stations, carrying troops loaded with machine weapons and rocket launchers? How a few Tank? An Plane Service to play out the Battle of Halfway on an expansive scale? How about an Arcadian Steampunk Airship floating by way of a cloud-world? These examples and far more are supplied with the ATLAS Dev Package, the place you can also make successfully create no matter large-scale MMO motion recreation you need to see occur, all supported by the database-driven community know-how that powers ATLAS. Unofficial ATLAS’ may be of any measurement and configuration, whereas a visible map software lets server hosts format their very own full custom world of islands, continents, terrain options, spawns, assets, hazards, underwater zones, dynamic climate, biome configurations, ecology, and an infinite variety of different configurable options — all dynamically streamed to the shopper throughout gameplay. The chances are countless!
  • Far, Far Extra – Keep tuned for extra particulars on the in depth options and content material of ATLAS. This temporary sampling is simply the tip of the iceberg (although be sure you be careful for these within the polar areas, as they’re extraordinarily harmful to ship hulls!!).
  • A Temporary Historical past of ATLAS – Lengthy-ago, far above the watery world of ATLAS there as soon as existed a magic-powered “Golden Age”– the place nice Empires of the Sky lived at peace alongside magical creatures, flourishing upon floating continents above the clouds, all powered by a magical supply of power often known as the Coronary heart of the Goddess, granted by the highly effective beings who dwell within the stars past. Nevertheless, a strong warlord generally known as Xevos sought to unite the human civilizations over the magickind, and launched a struggle that broke the Coronary heart into items, unleashing a wave of destruction that shattered the floating landmasses and plunged them into the waters under.

Many generations later, as dwelling reminiscence of the “Sundering” has pale into legend and the once-plentiful magical power has lengthy since dissipated, descendants of the protectors of the Coronary heart of the Goddess — referred to as “Pathfinders” — emerge from their provincial oceanic lives to discover the brand new continents and islands, and hunt down the facility they could but include. Throughout the huge new world they’ll encounter hostile creatures, technological remnants of the Golden Age previous, and finally the timeless spirit of Xevos himself and his soulless “Army of the Damned”, nonetheless intent on recovering the items of the Coronary heart of the Goddess to boost the continents as soon as once more beneath his imaginative and prescient.

If the newest era of Pathfinders can outwit and outgun Xevos and his legions, and recuperate the Coronary heart items for themselves, they are going to be confronted with the exact same selection: whether or not to aim to revive the previous world, or construct a brand new higher one…

Watch the announcement trailer under. Go to the official web site right here.