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Dota 2 Patch 7.20 Launches, Changes Everything Again

Dota 2 Patch 7.20 Launches, Changes Everything Again

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We’ve been sitting on one main patch for Valve’s titanic MOBA, Dota 2, for fairly a while. We sit on it not: gameplay replace 7.20 has launched, bringing with it the standard tidal wave of “wait, they did what?” that accompanies each single main Dota 2 replace. There’s no new hero, however there are hefty reworks for loads of previous ones. And it’s not even Christmas!

I’m going to do my greatest to maintain this temporary, not least as a result of the patch notes complete about eight,500 phrases, and any abstract in any respect I give will nonetheless be gargantuan. I’ll hyperlink to the complete notes on the finish – and you must undoubtedly verify them out – however let’s take a look at a few of the greater modifications first. Which, in equity, could be very troublesome, as a result of just about each single factor has made me attempt to recalculate your complete recreation in my head.

Please notice: for those who don’t already play or perceive Dota 2, that is going to be an enormous wall of confusion. I apologize for nothing.

Dota 2‘s General Changes

This was the image for patch 7.06. How things have changed!

Let’s begin with the overall Dota 2 modifications as a result of I’m positive these don’t imply something a lot. Besides that the “map has been reworked” in methods I can’t fathom till I truly hearth it up. And denying creeps now provides gold as an alternative of XP. And there’s a devoted stock slot for City Portal scrolls, with them not sharing cooldown with Boots of Journey. Oh, and Random picks from the complete hero pool once more, barring your 25 least performed heroes. And armor, hero kill bounty XP, and mana and HP regen have been reworked.

Additionally, Root now stops city portals, and quite a lot of Root talents have been modified to stay extra constant. Black King Bar is extra highly effective than earlier than, with 36 talents not piercing spell immunity. All necessary buildings have extra well being. Scan can see contained in the Roshan pit. Intelligence heroes now have a better power achieve throughout the board.

Good grief. And we haven’t even gotten to the large stuff but.

Dota 2‘s Item Changes

Dota 2 Ring Of AquilaNot, I fear, for pressing ceremonial reasons.

There’s lots to unpack in Dota 2’s merchandise modifications, however initially, Ring of Aquila is gone. On that observe: Bracer, Wraith Band, and Null Talisman can not be upgraded into different gadgets, however they’ve numerous different results (+6% magic resist, +eight assault velocity, and +three% spell amp) to compensate and provides them some early recreation worth.

One other massive change is to Part Boots, which not have an lively means. As an alternative, they seem to perform a bit like Phantom Lancer’s Phantom Rush capacity: whenever you concern an assault order, you passively achieve the motion velocity bonus, collision phasing, and switch fee. It dispels everytime you cancel the assault or transfer elsewhere, lingers for zero.5 seconds, and has no cooldown.

There are many new gadgets too, however earlier than we tackle them, let’s take a look at an previous/new merchandise: the Kaya. Whereas this stays principally the identical, it may possibly now be mixed into Yasha and Kaya, or Kaya and Sange. No phrase of a Sange and Kaya and Yasha mixture merchandise, although, until I’ve missed one thing.

So, new gadgets! The Crown is a brand new primary merchandise that provides +four to all stats and is utilized in gadgets that beforehand wanted the Bracer, Wraith Band, or Null Talisman. The Ring of Tarrasque is a primary merchandise that gives up +three.75 HP regen and +150 well being, and it may be upgraded into the Coronary heart of Tarrasque and the Holy Locket. And eventually, sure, the Holy Locket can also be new. This gives up well being, HP regen, mana regen, +15% magic resistance. It additionally has a passive impact that amplifies all heals and HP regen you present by 25%.

There are a lot extra hefty modifications in right here too – Photo voltaic Crest has been reworked, Tranquil Boots are not disabled by attacking creeps, Maim has been faraway from each Sange and Heaven’s Halberd, Gem provides floor sight to the workforce that dropped it till it’s picked up, and all item-based motion velocity bonuses at the moment are percentage-based somewhat than being flat addition – however we’ve talked gadgets sufficient. Let’s speak heroes.

Dota 2‘s Hero Reworks

Dota 2 QuizI assume “all of them.” (The reply was Invoker, apparently.)

37 Dota 2 heroes have had talents reworked or changed. In alphabetical order: Abaddon, Historic Apparition, Anti-Mage, Bane, Beastmaster, Bounty Hunter, Brewmaster, Centaur Warrunner, Chaos Knight, Chen, Clinkz, Dazzle, Drow Ranger, Faceless Void, Huskar, Keeper of the Mild, Lich, Lone Druid, Lycan, Magnus, Meepo, Naga Siren, Night time Stalker, Omniknight, Outworld Devourer, Pangolier, Phantom Murderer, Rubick, Shadow Demon, Slardar, Spirit Breaker, Sven, Tiny, Treant Protector, Troll Warlord, Tusk, and Timeless. Apparently, different heroes have had some additions or modifications to talents which aren’t counted on this (Queen of Ache’s Sonic Wave now knocks models again), in order that’s not a full record of each main change.

A few of these are comparatively minor reworks – Slardar’s Bash of the Deep now procs on each fourth assault fairly than based mostly on probability, for example. Others, then again, are large, and I approve of fairly a number of. Changing Tusk’s Icy Sigil with a short lived aura that makes enemies take extra injury from assaults and be slowed is a simplified (and neater) potential that does comparable, as an example. Outworld Devourer’s change to Essence Aura (now Equilibrium) restores mana based mostly on the spell injury he offers, fairly than being chance-based.

Let’s take a look at a couple of of the large ones. Bounty Hunter’s Jinada now steals unreliable gold from enemy heroes when it hits them, which goes to make him much more irritating within the early recreation, and judging by a degree 20 expertise change (+125% Jinada Important Strike to +90 Jinada Gold Steal) he could possibly be a thieving ache within the ass afterward, too. Oh, and Monitor doesn’t break invisibility, and Bounty Hunter’s assaults crit for 1.four/1.6/1.8x injury on Tracked targets… however solely Bounty Hunter will get the motion velocity bonus.

GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY. I’m a help; I want it. Though a minimum of now I get it from denying creeps…

Brewmaster’s Drunken Brawler is now a self-active buff, which grants an enormous evasion increase and probability to crit, with motion velocity alternating between a -20% debuff and a +40% buff whereas it’s lively. Drunken Haze, in the meantime, has been changed with Cinder Brew, which covers a goal AoE with alcohol. These hit with Cinder Brew are slowed, they usually have an opportunity to hit themselves as an alternative of their goal. Not solely that, but when a fire-based spell hits them throughout this, the period refreshes they usually catch hearth.

Clinkz’s Dying Pact is now Burning Military, which is a brand new means that makes use of vector concentrating on (and alas, no, Jakiro nonetheless doesn’t). This spawns unmoving Skeleton Archers in a line which assault utilizing Searing Arrows, have Clinkz’s base injury and assault vary, and take two hits to kill. They final for 20 seconds, and they will make his ganks rather more of a ache to flee if he makes use of them to wall off an escape route.

Shadow Demon’s Soul Catcher now causes all enemy models within the focused space to lose a proportion of their present well being, then achieve half of it again after 10 seconds. Phantom Murderer’s Blur nonetheless supplies evasion, however the different passive element is now an lively which features like Smoke of Deceit: it makes PA invisible till inside 600 models of an enemy hero or constructing, and it lasts 25 seconds.

Whereas I need to speak about each single one among these, we’ll simply take a look at another: Lich. Lich has had two capability modifications. Sacrifice is gone, having been changed with Sinister Gaze, which is a channeled spell that causes an enemy to slowly stroll in the direction of you. Ice Armor can also be gone, changed with Frost Defend. This… is an enormous one. This solely lasts six seconds, however it reduces bodily assault injury taken by between 30% and 60% (relying on means degree), and each second, all close by enemies take injury and are slowed by 35%. And sure, it may possibly goal towers. Yeesh.

And The Different Heroes

I’m fairly positive our poor Queen continues to be ineffective, however perhaps the merchandise reworks will assist her out. Her sole change – to Sonic Wave – definitely gained’t.

Oh, and everybody else in Dota 2 has modified too.

Apparently, I feel most of us have been anticipating heavy nerfs to Arc Warden and Terrorblade – two of the heaviest hitters from the final patch, particularly within the professional scene – however they’ve gone largely untouched. Sunder can’t undergo spell immunity, which is an inexpensive nerf (though Terrorblade can nonetheless steal well being from poor helps or his personal allies) and Arc Warden’s Tempest Double now presents a much bigger bounty of gold and XP. Presumably, Valve thinks that all the merchandise modifications and different hero modifications will compensate and cease these two from dominating fairly so closely.

Some heroes with out hefty reworks have had giant modifications too. Bloodseeker’s Thirst now provides assault velocity as an alternative of assault injury, whereas Rupture is not deadly, however as an alternative offers eight% of present well being as pure injury per 100 models moved. Darkish Seer’s Surge now provides a percentage-based increase to hurry, whereas additionally inflicting the goal to disregard the motion velocity restrict, unit collisions, and any slows. Oh, and Wall of Duplicate now makes use of vector concentrating on! Hooray! Extra vector concentrating on in Dota 2, please.

Finally, Mischief has a use, and Monkey King is much more irritating.

Doom regains well being when Devouring a creep (however not from Scorched Earth), he can not solely eat one unit at a time, and you may toggle whether or not or not he steals the creep capacity. Elder Titan’s Astral Spirit has been buffed when it comes to every part it supplies, however it inflicts much less injury. All of Juggernaut’s Omnislash strikes at the moment are “real” assaults that may proc crit and gadgets, and it hits at 1.8x your assault price. Lifestealer’s Feast now heals based mostly on the enemy’s max well being as an alternative of present well being. Lion’s Finger of Demise will get extra highly effective each time it kills a hero (or if that hero dies inside three seconds of being hit). Ogre’s Multicast now additionally takes his gadgets under consideration (in the event that they’re focused and offensive), so an Ogre with a Dagon can multicast it at totally different targets.

Vengeful Spirit’s Netherswap has two fees, and her Vengeance Aura now creates an phantasm of her on dying as a base mechanic, with Scepter including the power for her to forged spells. And – good grief – Crystal Maiden now has +2 base injury.

Okay, that final one isn’t too big, however I do love my Crystal Maiden. Completely zero modifications to quite a lot of my different beloved heroes – Lina or Windranger included – although, which is mildly fascinating. Are they completely balanced? Nicely, no. I think we’ll see patch 7.20a inside every week.

Anyway, sure. Everything previous in Dota 2 is new once more. Everything you knew about Dota 2 has modified. Go and skim the complete 7.20 patch notes over on the official web site and put together to go “Wait, what?” at each single line.

As a reward for studying via all of this: the compulsory Dota 2 kitten.

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