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argo Autonomic autonomous ride-hailing autonomous vehicles cruise Edited by Elijah Wolfson Ford Ford AV GM Machines with Brains miami ride-hailing self-driving cars Technology Waymo

Ford outlines its plan for turning self-driving cars into a real business — Quartz

The way forward for transport is on its approach. It’ll be arriving in 5 minutes—it’s simply finishing a journey across the nook first. Ford has publicly said...

compass pathways contracts depression drug development Edited by Elijah Wolfson Edited by Kevin Delaney ekaterina malievskaia george goldsmith Isle of Man legal maps MDMA patent psilocybin psychedelic therapy Technology

Compass Pathways wants to be Big Pharma for psychedelic therapy — Quartz

Virtually 50 years since US president Richard Nixon declared psychedelic mushrooms unlawful and “of no medical use,” mounting scientific proof suggests he was...

Africa aristotle cape town Colonialism David Benatar decolonization Edited by Elijah Wolfson edited by sarah todd immanuel kant Johannesburg Nietzsche philosophy race South Africa Technology Tony Shabangu Ubuntu Western philosophy

Decolonizing philosophy is the new battleground in South Africa’s fight against imperialism — Quartz

To review philosophy in South Africa immediately is to review a collection of pronouncements from white, European males. Tony Shabangu, a philosophy lecturer...