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Decolonizing philosophy is the new battleground in South Africa’s fight against imperialism — Quartz

To review philosophy in South Africa immediately is to review a collection of pronouncements from white, European males. Tony Shabangu, a philosophy lecturer...

Africa disease Gold mining health history hiv how we get to NEXT Irtyersenu mining racism repubs science Science Syndication Network silicosis South Africa systemic racism tb Technology tuberculosis

The exploitative history of one of the world’s deadliest diseases — Quartz Africa

For almost two centuries after her first post-mortem, no one knew what had actually killed Irtyersenu. When the mummy of the Egyptian lady—who died in 600...

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The anxious chorus around Chinese “debt-trap diplomacy” doesn’t reflect African realities — Quartz

At this month’s 2018 Summit of the Discussion board on China Africa Cooperation, the cornerstone of China’s funding and lending on the continent, Beijing made...